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An amazing point on the foot to help you sleep!

Alright..for those of you who I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with to date (thanks for having faith in me!), most of you will be aware of that point on top of your foot that I love to insert a needle into. Yeah, it can sometimes be a sensitive point, but it is so so popular with us acupuncturists that we use it everyday without fail. It is called Taichong (or Liver 3). It is wonderful for insomnia, PMS, to move qi, ease irritability, relieve headache pain, treat eye problems and much more. This acupoint was used in a research study where, after needling the spot, researchers watched the brain using an MRI to see if and how it responded to the acupuncture. Investigators compared two acupuncture points on the foot, Liver 3 and Stomach 44 with a nearby sham acupuncture point and found that both Liver 3 and Stomach 44 consistently elicited specific brain responses. When Liver 3 was stimulated, it activated the visual cortex and other areas of the brain that affect the central nervous system. Pretty cool eh? You can stimulate this point by gently massaging it directly for 30 seconds or until you are inspired to take a deep breath. Feel Amazing!

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